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California Fires Horse Rescue

Much Needed Volunteers with Expertise

Published: October, 2017

During the recent wildfires in the Napa and Sonoma counties, our very own Marketing Coordinator Morganne Dykeman was part of a group of people who loaded up a trailer with supllies and took off to Sonoma County during the fires. Providing much appreciated help not only to the people, but also to the many, and often overlooked animals and livestock affected by the raging fires, and aiding in the evacuate from behind the fire lines.

With over 15 years of experience in working with horses, cattle and other livestock, Morganne was one of the volunteers with invaluable expertise, that are much needed when such disasters occur.

Below are a few pictures of Morganne and her group as they are escorted behind the fire lines to aid in the rescue of horses and other livestock, and of the devastation left behind by the fires.

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