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Issue #109 • December 2014
Storm Damage!
Community Associations and Natural Disasters
This past week California experienced some of the most intense rainfall in decades, resulting in flooding, mudslides, leaks and widespread damage. Some homes have been completely destroyed, but more common is the damage to buildings from leaks, flooding and hillside erosion.
Many community associations will lack the necessary funding or insurance to deal with the damage caused by these storms. To help boards and managers respond to storm damage and plan for the future, we recommend reading more about the topic and the issues that come with it in our publication:
It discusses several types of natural disasters and their impact on community associations. The publication includes discussions of insurance claims, assessment funding, reconstruction issues, protecting against future damage and other topics that are important for good crisis management.
If we can assist your association with any questions about crisis management, insurance, liability, or reconstruction, please contact us.
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