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Authorizing Action in the Face of Homeowner Association Apathy or Paralysis: Judicial Rescue for Governing Document Amendments, Loans and Quorums
Basic Training For Board Members - A Berding|Weil Guide For New Volunteers
BEWARE: Filing Delays at the California Secretary of State
Community Association Decision Making - Who Decides -The Board, the Members or the Legislature?
Court Whacks Directors with a $500,000 Attorney Fee Award!
Directors Gone Wild!
Exposed!? What protects an individual homeowner from a big judgment against her community association?
Go Ahead and Use Email: It's an Emergency… Implementing CID Open Meeting Act Limitations in 2012 and Beyond
Judging Directors: How Courts Throughout the Nation Evaluate Board and Association Decision Making and How to “Bullet-Proof” Those Decisions
Judicial Deference Revisited: When Will A Court Second-Guess A Board's Decisions?
Hate Rules Enforcement by your Community Association? Get with your neighbors and vote it out!
Recent Trends in the Business Judgement Rule and other Standards of Review
SLAPP: The First Amendment and Community Association Politics
Step Away From that Computer! Before you send another Email, Read How New Legislation Restricts Board Procedure, Executive Sessions, Emergency Meetings, Discussions and Decisions.
Understanding Board Decisions and Judicial Deference: Two Recent Appellate Cases Illustrate When A Court Will Defer To The "Business Judgment" Of A Board of Directors
Virtually Legal Technology and its Impact on Association Operations
What Happens When Boards Violate Davis-Stirling? (And Is There Such a Thing as “Condo Police?”)
When "Absolute" Is Not - Does an Association Director have an Absolute Right to Inspect Association Records?
Who Do You Trust? - The Essential Ingredient in Effective Management of Community Associations
Who's the Client?
Why Members Don't Care
Why Won't They Serve? - Homeowners won't volunteer for boards of directors of community associations — another nail in the coffin?

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Governing Documents

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Housing & Community Issues

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Legislation & Politics

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